"At first glance Brian Kahanek's music catches you with his incredible guitar work. When you spin it again you find an artist that has amazing depth. Each track stands firmly on its own and in context with the rest of the CD. You then realize you have just discovered an artist with a fresh and realized vision.

Imagine Eric Clapton and Lyle Lovett getting together for a jam or Jimi Hendrix and The Wallflowers collaborating on a CD. Then you might get a taste of where he is coming from. Stripped of the superficial you are left with a feeling that this guy really wants to speak to you with his heart."  

- Kristall Music News

"Rise to Shine" available now @

2016 NEWS

BK's 4th Studio Record "Rise to Shine" slated for 8/2/16 release. 

Hello Friends and Fans,

It has been over 6 years since my last release and I am very excited to say that my new record "Rise to Shine" is just days from going live!
I "Left it all on the field" as they say.  It has pain, hope, funk, rock, lot's of guitar (of course) and most of all soul.

I hope it speaks to you!

Musically yours


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BK's cover of Jimi's "Little Wing"